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Low Risk Alpha Manager Portfolio – Key Investor Information

At City House Investors we search the globe to find exceptional investment managers to work for you, as we feel the most gifted talent cannot be found in one firm, we review and adjust the managers that we include in this portfolio every three months. You can access this portfolio via a low cost SIPP, ISA or Investment Account by investing new funds or by transferring your existing pensions, ISAs or investment accounts with no initial charge.

This portfolio contains mainly lower and medium risk investments such as cash, bonds and property, with a few higher-risk investments such as shares. While a portfolio like this should go up and down in value less than a ‘high-risk’ portfolio, the value of investments can always go down as well as up. The combined ongoing charges figure (OCF) for the funds in this portfolio is 0.49% per annum. Expected volatility per annum 4.2% to 6.3%.

Every three months we will:

  • Review over 10,000 funds and assess the quality, performance and cost.
  • Filter funds with support from the Morning Star Analyst Rating, FE fundinfo Alpha Manager and Crown Fund Rating, to ensure you continue to be invested in high quality funds.
  • Rebalance the asset allocation of your portfolio to make sure it is aligned with the investment risk profile that you have chosen.
  • Adjust your portfolio without you having to lift and finger, leaving you to enjoy the fun parts of life.

Annual portfolio performance – Historic performance is no guarantee of future returns.

Year Low Risk Benchmark
All Time 23.06 21.93
2022 -10.72 -6.64
2021 2.00 3.32
2020 4.06 3.92
2019 9.53 9.06
2018 -1.77 -3.29
2017 5.38 4.73
2016 11.57 8.37

Asset allocation

  • Global Fixed Interest (24.19%)
  • Money Market (16.33%)
  • UK Gilts (14.42%)
  • UK Equities (10.68%)
  • Property (6.26%)
  • North American Equities (5.91%)
  • Other International Equities (5.35%)
  • UK Fixed Interest (4.99%)
  • Japanese Equities (4.79%)
  • Others (7.07%)

Geographical allocations

  • UK (46.74%)
  • North America (21.67%)
  • Europe ex UK (8.99%)
  • Money Market (7.21%)
  • Japan (6.32%)
  • Undisclosed (4.01%)
  • Asia Pacific (1.35%)
  • Continental Europe (1.23%)
  • International (1.15%)
  • Other (1.34%)

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