Very High Risk...

(Flippin’ eck)

Very High Risk...

The risk scale that we use to build our portfolios is made up of 10 profiles overall (risk profile 1 is 100% cash so we do not run an investment portfolio for this level of risk). This means that the Very High Risk portfolio is suitable for investors who have an attitude to accepting risk of well above average.

This portfolio contains mainly higher- risk investments such as shares from outside the UK, with very occasional lower-risk investments such as bonds. Because of this, there is a possibility you may not get back as much money from your investments as you put in, particularly in the short term.

The combined ongoing charges figure (OCF) for the funds in this portfolio is 0.92% per annum.

Our returns

The returns shown here are regarded as simulated as they do not represent a single client account or an average of customer returns. The data is calculated using our model portfolios. The returns are calculated after City House Investors management fees of 0.5% per annum plus Vat. Returns also account for investment fund costs. Dividends have been included on an accrual basis. The charts show returns on a monthly basis. The Last 12 months performance calculated for 12 months to the end of the previous month, the all time performance is from inception on 01.01.2016 to the end of the previous month and the annual performance is based on calendar years. Source of price data: Financial Express

Benchmark returns

Our portfolios are benchmarked against one of the below fund sectors based on the risk profile of the portfolio:

  • UT Mixed Investment 0% – 35% Shares – Very Low Risk and Low Risk portfolios
  • UT Mixed Investment 20% – 60% Shares – Lowest Medium Risk and Low Medium Risk portfolios
  • UT Mixed Investment 40% – 85% Shares – High Medium Risk and Highest Medium Risk portfolios
  • UT Flexible Investment Risk Profiles – High Risk, Very High Risk and Highest Risk portfolios

These fund sectors are provided by the UK Investment Association (IA). IA compute the average returns from a composite of funds which comply with the sectors classification based on the type of asset, region or industry sector in which they invest. These include funds from firms such as Barclays, BlackRock, Fidelity, HSBC, JP Morgan, and others.

Percentage return of  Very High Risk portfolio Vs  benchmark
  • Asia Pacific Emerging Equities (46.80%)
  • UK Equities (12.87%)
  • Japanese Equities (8.01%)
  • European Equities (6.79%)
  • Asia Pacific Equities (5.94%)
  • North American Equities (5.40%)
  • Other International Equities (3.97%)
  • Money Market (3.86%)
  • American Emerging Equities (2.88%)
  • Other (3.48%)
  • Pacific Basin (39.63%)
  • UK (12.87%)
  • Asia Pacific (11.99%)
  • North America (9.00%)
  • Europe ex UK (8.59%)
  • Japan (8.01%)
  • Money Market (3.86%)
  • Americas (2.88%)
  • Australasia (1.39%)
  • Other (1.79%)

UK Equity
 Anthony Cross & Julian Fosh – Liontrust Special Situations
 Nick Train – CF Lindsell Train UK Equity
 Harry Nimmo – ASI UK Smaller Companies
Europe ex UK Equity
 Mark Heslop – Jupiter European
North American Equity
 Aziz Hamzaogullari – Natixis Loomis Sayles U.S. Equity Leaders
 Zehrid Osmani – Legg Mason IF Martin Currie US Unconstrained
Japanese Equity
 Martin Lau – First Sentier Japan Focus
Asia Pacific Ex Japan Equity
 Martin Lau – First Sentier Asia Focus
 Anthony Srom –  Fidelity Pacific Opportunities
 Teera Chanpongsang –  Fidelity Asia
 Eric C. Moffett – T. Rowe Price Asian Opportunities Equity
 David Gait – Stewart Investors Asia Pacific Leaders
Emerging Market Equity
 Gordon Fraser – BlackRock Emerging Markets
 David Gait – Stewart Investors Global Emerging Markets Sustainability
 Nick Price – Fidelity Emerging Markets

Lowest Risk

Highest Risk

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