Claudia Calich Delivers Returns in Emerging Markets

Claudia Calich Delivers Returns in Emerging Markets

It was Claudia Calich’s upbringing in Brazil which led her to study economics. Growing up amidst crises which caused the currency to devalue and bank accounts to be frozen, she became fascinated with the reasons for market fluctuations. Her whole career, she has been an emergent market strategist, so it should come as little surprise that she has consistently over-performed in falling markets when measured against a composite group of peers.

For the past seven years, Calich has been with the four-star rated M&G Emerging Markets Fund, which invests in government bonds or companies in emerging markets like Mexico, India and Turkey. With 28 years of experience in emerging markets, Calich’s instincts and expertise in the field enable her to hold her nerve when confronted with high risks to harness the potential for higher returns. Since 2013 Claudia has returned 78.3% in sterling terms with M&G, compared with 40.2% in her sector on average.

Calich thrives off the transparently competitive nature of fund management, believing that the industry is self-selecting because under-performers will not survive. Her finger permanently on the pulse of emerging markets, she finds it rewarding to consistently attain goals for her investors.

As a regular contributor to investment blog ‘Bond Vigilantes’, she has devoted time and minute analysis to the impact that the Trump administration has had on emerging markets, down to investigating whether his threats to deport Latin American citizens would effect her markets. Here she has the freedom to express her own views, even on controversial topics.

Speaking earlier this month on Joe Biden’s upcoming presidency, she doesn’t think that his win will be a game-changer for emerging markets in the short-term, because his initial concern will be with domestic COVID-19 recovery. She does not predict that further US economic sanctions will be placed on Russia and also expects Chinese markets to experience an immediate boost.

Calich relishes the changeable nature of her work. As the owner and author of her decisions at M&G, she is committed to delivering the very best outcomes for investors.

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