Harry Nimmo hopeful for small businesses following value recovery plateau

Harry Nimmo hopeful for small businesses following value recovery plateau

Many businesses are emerging from a potent value recovery period with very promising prospects, according to FE fundinfo Alpha Manager Harry Nimmo.

The smaller business expert for Standard Life outlined his hopes that many smaller to medium-sized companies should see sustained growth now that we are out of the value recovery stage.

Nimmo said, “It feels like the recovery rally phase is over and has been fierce but short term. We expect to be able to look forward to sustained strong performance from small and mid-sized companies and more robust relative performance from our process as the cycle develops.”

With market trends fluctuating wildly over the past year, it has been hard to assess the overall health of companies looking forward. Alpha Manager Harry Nimmo, however, has never faltered in his faith in smaller companies to do well after the various global lockdowns resulting from the Covid-19 pandemic.

This is no surprise, as Nimmo has long been associated with intelligent decision making and a proven track record in understanding the rise and fall of various markets. With a comprehensive understanding of small and medium companies, Nimmo has consistently proven his worth on the markets.

Nimmo has established an incredibly robust portfolio over the years, with a track record that outperforms his peers consistently. He has a clear eye for good stock options and has managed to create a material positive impact on results.

With a style that many would class as unorthodox, Nimmo is not shy to steer away from the crowd and take a contrarian approach. It is hard to argue against this notion when it works, and for Nimmo, it has been incredibly profitable.

A large part of his success comes from his in-depth research into smaller companies. Nimmo understands the need for deep-digging when it comes to smaller enterprises, and with the help of three investment directors manages to perform thorough examinations to yield results.

It is reassuring to hear that an authority figure such as Nimmo is confident that the market is starting to settle following the volatile recovery periods. With any hope, his expert analysis and research will once again be proven right.

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