In uncertain times you can be certain of Ian Fishwick

In uncertain times you can be certain of Ian Fishwick

Prior to working in investments for over two decades, Ian Fishwick studied Natural Sciences at the University of Cambridge. After leaving University, Fishwick’s career grew from strength to strength. Between March and April 2020, however, like many fund managers, Fishwick was blindsided by the COVID-19 pandemic. Instead of making panicked decisions, Fishwick was able to navigate the pandemic successfully. We explore his career and recent successes below.

After leaving university, in 1986 Fishwick joined Confederation Life as an asset manager. He soon progressed, however, to the role of a portfolio manager. Before the millennium, he moved to an asset management business where he took on the role of Head of Fixed Income and eventually the role of CIO.

Eagar to continue his work in fixed income, he took the role of Head of UK Fixed Income as Suisse Asset Management.

After excelling in this role for many years, he progressed to Head of UK Fixed Income at Credit in 2001. For 6 years, Fishwick enjoyed and excelled in this role, but he knew a greater challenge was out there.

In 2007, an opportunity presented itself for Fishwick to join Fidelity, and run Sterling benchmarked institutional bond portfolios. This step in his career path also allowed Fishwick to act as the co-portfolio manager of inflation-linked strategies, such as the Fidelity Funds and Fidelity Institutional Index-Linked funds.

In March 2020, as the COVID-19 pandemic peaked, the total return % of Fishwick’s performance dropped to -1.6, a sudden and unprecedented low. Similarly, his monthly performance dropped to -0.10 in February and -6.10 in March 2020. Due to his expert stock-picking, however, Fishwich didn’t stay down for long. Since March, Fishwick’s success has been on an upward trajectory as his monthly performance grew to 5.7 in May and his monthly total return has risen to 8.9 in July.

In rising and falling markets, Fishwick has managed to forge and maintain a reputation for remaining reliable and successful. Not only this, but he has also supported a consistently high alpha score throughout rising and falling markets. In uncertain times, you can be certain of the success of Fishwick.

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