Investment Management

This service is for clients who would like one of our experienced investment specialists to manage their portfolio within their objectives.

Our experienced investment specialists will manage your portfolio in accordance with the rules of the FCA and your objectives, and the Investment policy statement.

24/7 online access to your investment portfolio.

Telephone and email access to your investment manager.

An investment report will be provided to you every three months.

Charges & Examples

We charge a standard 0.5% + vat of the fund value for this service.
For example, for a fund value of £250,000 our charge will be £750 (£250,000 x 0.5% = £1250 + vat).

Other charges

There will be other costs, not charged by us, but related to the financial products we arrange for you. For example;

Your platform provider will make a charge for administering your investments.

Investment costs: These are the costs relating to the investment fund managers.