Sara Araghi champions women in a male-dominated industry

Sara Araghi champions women in a male-dominated industry

Sara Araghi, a research analyst with the Franklin Equity Group and all-around investment maestro, is passionate about helping women make it in the cutthroat world of finance. Having assisted with a $125 investment by Rent the Runway in 2019, Sara knows a thing or two about striking a deal and spotting lucrative opportunities. Now, she is keen to spread her knowledge about the consumer sector to other women in the field.

According to a recent interview with Beyond Bulls and Bears, Sara grew up hyper-aware of gender inequalities. She attended high school in Iran, where she started to notice the immense impact of institutional sexism on women and society as a whole. Ever since then, she has become a vocal advocate for change and diversity, particularly within the world of investment.

Today, Sara is keen to invest in female-founded companies that strive to make a positive change in women’s lives. Having witnessed many of the obstacles that women face in raising capital and achieving sustained growth, Sara and Franklin Templeton’s Chief Executive Officer Jenny Templeton are keen to allocate capital to founders from diverse backgrounds.

Sara’s firm has also partnered up with organisations such as “Rock the Street, Wall Street”, which educates girls and young women about finance and asset management. She has also worked with the “Girls Who Invest” program, educating young women about her experiences and how to get started in the financial sector.

In her interview, Sara emphasises the importance of female decision-makers in investment meetings. Many female entrepreneurs are more confident presenting to women and feel better supported by female leaders willing to invest in their ideas. This is particularly important in the consumer space, as women control a lot of spending power and are perfectly positioned to identify common consumer needs.

Having excelled in her career as an investor and finance professional, Sara is starting to focus on mentoring others. She teaches both male and female leaders about the complexities involved in running a public company and how to liaise with investors. She’s also finding fulfilment in mentoring female entrepreneurs and helping to diversify the male-dominated world of business.

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