Take the Long View with Teera Chanpongsang

Take the Long View with Teera Chanpongsang

During his decades in investment, Teera Chanpongsang has seen gutsy beginners cement themselves as market leaders. His experience has consolidated as the companies he has invested in have grown. He has secured an impressive track record by consistently outlasting moments of volatility to make strong long term returns.

He completed his Bachelor degree at Chulalongkorn, in his native Thailand, and went on to gain an MBA from Berkeley. His background in accounting still informs his processes today.

A specialist in Asian Emerging Markets, Chanpongsang’s style is typified by investing in companies that he believes are performing below their market value, and harnessing their growth potential before it is reflected in their underlying share prices.

Chanpongsang joined Fidelity International in 1994 as an Investment Analyst, was appointed to Portfolio Manager of their Thailand Fund in 1998 and established Fidelity’s Emerging Asia strategy in 2007. He has successfully managed a number of their key funds including India Focus and Global Telecommunications.

Today his preference for emerging markets can be seen in his management of the £3.0bn Fidelity Asia Fund. He has tended to favour investments in China and India over more established neighbours Taiwan, Hong Kong and Singapore. These choices mean that he is no stranger to market volatility, and has honed his instincts over a career spanning three decades to make the choices that will deliver in the long term. The fund’s largest sector exposures are in financials and IT, including big tech names with strong historic performance.

Chanpongsang has recognised and reacted to the changes in Asia’s economy as a result of Coronavirus and predicts further growth in e-commerce, e-tutoring and entertainment. But he believes that other structural changes to Asia’s financial make-up will ultimately prove more significant. He cites growing population, increased urbanisation and an expanding middle class as fundamental shifts which he believes could lead Asia to drive 40% of global consumption by 2040, compared with 30% in 2020.

A top-performing Alpha Fund Manager, with a strong performance in both up and down markets, you’re in a reliable pair of hands with Chanpongsang.

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