Straightforward, transparent investing

(Ney faffin' ab’ht)

Straightforward, transparent investing

With City House Investors, investment management is as it should be – straightforward and clear. It’s the Yorkshire Way.

We know it’s your money – and hard-earned, at that – so we only entrust it to award-winning active fund managers with a long record of good performance. That combination of quality and returns is what we think will give your savings the best chance of fulfilling your lifetime goals.

Already a wrap investor?

Do you already have a wrap account with any of the following: Aegon, AJ Bell, Ascentric, Aviva, FundsNetwork, James Hay, Old Mutual Wealth, Standard Life, Transact?

City House Investors specialises in savers like you. By applying the Yorkshire Way, we’ll make your wrap account work better for you.

Financial Planning

At City House Investors, we begin by listening. You tell us about your financial goals, needs, and concerns. We hear, we take notes, and we think.

Then, after listening and understanding, we work with you to map out a lifetime financial plan that will be specific, measurable, and realistic. We’ll discuss the options available, make sure you understand them, and help you decide what’s best for you.

The resulting plan will be tailored carefully to your life and your requirements, with specific milestones for the short-term, medium-term and long-term. No vague promises, no ‘blue-sky thinking’ – that’s not the Yorkshire Way.

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"We say what we mean and we mean what we say"

"We say what we mean and we mean what we say"

Solid Asset Management Yorkshire
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What our clients say

Being Independent I find that they react to my personal needs, rather than chasing Corporate targets. The staff provide a quick and efficient service.

Graham Arnold

They keep me informed of all transactions and seem to be up with, if not ahead of the market. Easy to contact and approachable at all times

Andrew Coope

Excellent professional service and sound advice provided at all times. Friendly and approachable.

Theodora Shaw

I very much like the communication I have had with Simon Dixon & his personnel over the last 6 years in meetings, by mail & by phone. I feel that when I first contacted City House Investors that I would not be in a good position financially at the age of 65. I believe that the wise advise and actions of City House Investors has put me and my wife in a very good financial position and have complete confidence in the wealth management provided.

Peter Easthope

Confidence inspiring rapport with staff. Queries dealt with promptly and efficiently. Knowledgeable advice. Encouraging performance of investments.

Stephen Turner

I think they are an outstanding company with plenty of knowledge and keep you updated regularly on present and new products available. They are friendly and approachable with any concerns or queries.

Louise Dignam

I have been with City House Investors for about 10 years they look after my pension plan, I feel very comfortable with them as they keep me well informed with all the aspects of my pension, This is a thank you to Simon and his team.

Gerald Madden

I find Simon of City House Investors easy to talk to, unassuming and very helpful. My wife and I have dealt with Simon for many, many years and would recommend him to anyone requiring investment advice.

Michael Torevell

I have been involved with Simon for over twenty years through both business and personal investment. I have always found Simon and his team very ready to help, and offer good advice in a friendly manner, City House look after all my financial investments now that I am retired.

Jack Pickles

Easy to contact, quick to respond and very helpful. Had a problem recently and Simon helped to resolve the matter very quickly.

Dinah Boylan

Friendly and consistently reliable advice over many years. Simon always takes time to consider all angles and options before making recommendations.

Graham and Maggie Thompson

Having used numerous Financial and Wealth Management Companies since I retired in 2001, I can truthfully state that I have found City House Investors to be FIRST CLASS in every aspect of my dealings and I would have absolutely NO HESITATION in wholeheartedly recommending them to anyone looking for sound, impartial and unpressured financial advice.

Ron Blair

The advice we have had has been very much tailored to our needs and explored options that were not immediately obvious to us. We are a normal family and feel our financial planning has been in safe, but productive, hands. I recently retired and am enjoying the benefits of some hard saving, but also good advice.

Christopher Dale

I find the regular information sent me very interesting. How do you produce it for everyone?

Michael Rayner

Excellent service. Always very speedy to deal with any request. Conscious of the clients requirements.

Gillian Guthrie

Personal service in a plain speaking, intelligible manner. I feel like they actually care, and that I'm not just a fee cow. Trusted.

Julian Bond

Very informative ..also very helpful and honest. I have been with city house for over 10 year's and would recommend without hesitation to look after any investment.

Gary Varley

Personal service. Regular assessments of portfolio. Courteous, prompt and patient responses to any queries. Most of all I like the fact that they know who you are.

Tom O'Shea

Professional and knowledgeable. Providing helpful and relevant advice to assist making decisions. Approachable and available to assist as and when required.

Michael Shaw

Service! You inform me of any changes to my investments on a daily basis if necessary. Annual meeting, making me feel important! Available for questions.

David Clegg

I have always found the quick personal response by Simon and his staff extremely useful in all my financial requirements. Simon’s advice never seemed to be based on his “ commissions “ rather what was the best course of action for me.

Martin Capper

Excellent service. Professional service. Good advice given.

Tim Cook

Wish I had discovered them years ago, very professional but with a relaxed and approachable manner.

The new web site for checking your investments is particularly good, I wouldn't hesitate to recommend them.

David Shaw

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